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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Starting to blog

22 weeks 2 days
We are patiently awaiting Haley Allison Jaquith. Our due date is April 2, 2009. She has been kicking like crazy for a few weeks now and it is such an amazing feeling. I am gaining weight and eating like crazy. Haley LOVES Italian food, but I always end up with heartburn and wonder if it was worth it. Our next OB appointment is Dec. 8 and I will have another ultrasound. At my last appointment, the MD told me that I have posterior previa which means that the placenta is over my cervix. This could be dangerous and cause a lot of bleeding. Therefore, I must be watched in the hopes that it will grow upwards on its own. If it does not, I'll need a c-section for sure.
We are working quite a bit on the nursery. We are trying to pick out the perfect fabrics right now. The one below is the main inspiration fabric and we will pull from these colors and use a shabby chic theme. I'll post pics as things progress.