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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mommy's Munchkins are all dressed up.

As I mentioned in the last post, our mommy and me group (Mommy's Munchkins) had a dress-up play date on Thursday.  Haley had a great time playing with all of the kids and seeing them dressed up.  We both had a great time. 

This is the reaction I expected when I put her hood on.

Another little girl was dressed like a ladybug too.  They were very cute together.

Shirley, the hostess, was begging her daughter Ellie to put on her costume.  It never happened.

Carson was an adorable little dog.

Barbara and Jack.

Brennan the football player.  Too bad it's for that OTHER team.

A bunch of the little ones ready to fight over a piece of cookie cake.

Hayden the fairy.  She was too cute.

Haley is a Beesa!

When Haley was younger, she couldn't say the word ladybug, but for some reason, pronounced it "beesa".  I fell in love with the word.  Now anytime Scott tries to teach her how to say ladybug, I tell him to be quite and not even say the real word.  I know this could be damaging to her, but she is a smart girl and I truly feel that she will learn the truth one day and it won't matter.  For now, she is a "beesa" and a very cute one at that.  Our mommy group had a Halloween costume party on Thursday so I got her all dressed up and we went outside for some pictures before heading over.  She actually tolerated the hood for about 10 minutes.  I was thrilled.  Thanks, Mimi, for the adorable costume!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tutu cute!

Haley played ball with her Dada yesterday.  She had the best time as he threw the ball to her and up in the air.  She got such a kick out of seeing it go way up in the air and then fall down and bounce.  Dada is always so much fun!

Her expression is priceless as she tries to catch the ball.

Watching the ball go way up in the air.

Trying to throw the ball.  It may have gone in the wrong direction.

Her Gigi bought her these cute little pajamas.  They came with a tutu, so I had to put it on her and get pictures.  I was worried that she may hate it because she hates some of the strangest things (like wearing hats or sunglasses), but she didn't seem to even notice that she was wearing it.  Thank goodness because she owns a few tutus and I would love to see her playing with them.

Drinking her nightly ba ba with Dada.

This was one of the only ways I could get her to be still for me to get a full length shot.  We told her to look for airplanes outside (even though it was dark out).

"Vacuuming" in her tutu.  We should all do that to make it more fun!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Da Daddy!

Today was Haley's grandfather's birthday.  Unfortunately, he is out of town for work, so we couldn't celebrate with him.  So, Haley and I did a little photo shoot to send him a special birthday wish.  Here were my favorites.

She was not in the best mood and didn't want to hold the sign even for her Da Daddy. 

So, I told her to read it like a book.

In this one, she is saying "A, B, C".

 We had to get a little help from Dada when he got home from work.

We love you Da Daddy!!  We hope you had a wonderful birthday.  We hate that we weren't there to spend the day with you.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A girl after my heart!

Today, she picked up my point and shoot camera and started doing this!!  I could not help but get very excited.  I really hope she loves photography as much as I do.  Oh the possibilites...

I recently taught her how to "swipe it".  She puts our old cards in her etch-a-sketch slot, moves it back and forth, and says, "sipe eet".  I know it's awful, but it sure is cute!  I have a feeling that I will regret this a whole lot one day.