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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just playin' around.

One night, not too long ago, Haley climbed up into this chair (which she frequently does).  We decided that it couldn't hurt to just serve her dinner to her this way.  She seemed to love being "big" like momma and dada.  She did pretty well eating.  We haven't done it again, though, because she really needs to be strapped in or she won't sit there and eat.  It was cute for a few pictures while it lasted.

Haley loves to pretend to go "night night".  She frequently wants us to do it too.  She puts her head down just about anywhere and closes her eyes and pretends to snore saying "ha chew".  It's precious and we always laugh.  On this day, she decided to do it on our bathroom floor. 

Then she jumped up and went upside down.  She has so much energy!

My little fireman (or firewoman).

My sweet girl loves her hat from Firehouse.  However, she always wears it backwards.  I'm just glad she will wear anything on her head at all.  There is hope that she will wear bows one day.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Our Thanksgiving was pretty uneventful.  I had to work the night of Thanksgiving, so we were unable to go out of town and my in-laws were not able to have it at their house this year.  Instead, we ended up going to Cracker Barrel with my in-laws (the place was packed that night).  We ended up having a great dinner despite having a terrible waitress. Before we went to eat, we stopped by The Summit to attempt family pictures on Santa's sleigh.  They have pictures with Santa on the weekends, but we all know that I can't do anything on the weekends.  They leave the sleigh outside during the week, so we decided to use it.  However, Haley wanted nothing to do with the sleigh.  I'm not sure why, but she really didn't want to be on it.  We got a few shots before she insisted on getting off.  We had my in-laws come meet us there to get some shots of us as a family, but once they got there, Haley wanted nothing to do with her momma and dada and only wanted to be held by Gigi and Da Daddy.  I still ended up with almost 100 good pictures from the shoot, so it wasn't a complete failure.  Here are some of my favorites.

The most decent pic I got of her on the sleigh.  Too bad Scott's arm was behind her.

This is a good picture of her hair.  It is getting the longest right on the crown and it is curly.  Most of the time it is just unruly.  It's almost tragic.  I hope it gets better soon. 

This was her reaction when she saw Gigi and Da Daddy get out of the car.

She was literally jumping out of Scott's arms.

She adores them!

I think they adore her too.

This was the best shot we were able to get on the sleigh.  She really did not want to be with us.

So, we let her down and took some of just us.

Her War Eagle because the Iron Bowl was the next day and because we just always make her do this.

The Jaquiths minus Philip.  We sure miss him!

She was obsessed with the water fountain until we realized there were nasty cigarette butts floating in it.  How nice!

Our second attempt at a family shot on the sleigh.  It didn't happen.

She was dying to "ride" this iron dog.

Our best family shot.  I'm just glad we got something.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dear Santa,

Last week, on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I got the brilliant idea to take Haley to the get her picture taken at the Bass Pro Shop.  I have heard great things about getting Santa pictures there.  Not only is the picture free, but there is a lot of stuff for the kids to do while waiting to see Santa.  Well, I neglected to think about the fact that a whole lot of people were going to be off the next day and all of the kids were out of school, so the line was quite long to say the least.  That was ok, though, because Haley had a great time going around the store to look at everything and then playing with all of the stuff they had out for the kids.  She wasn't overly thrilled with the whole Santa part of it, but she had a great time with everything else.  We got some good pictures.  I haven't scanned the actual picture that they gave us, but it turned out really well and like I said, it was free!

Hanging out with Dada before we left.  I love that they are sitting alike.


She loved the trains.

She was also pretty excited about the giant checkers.

She was NOT happy when we made her leave the toys in order to go see Santa.  She actually threw herself on the floor and cried.  I know she was completely clueless about why she had to go sit on this man's lap.

Not at all thrilled.

She tolerated his lap for about 30 seconds before she was squirming to get down.  Fortunately, she never screamed or cried while in his lap.

The Santa was so sweet, though, and tried to pick her back up and hold her again to make sure that I got the pictures that I needed.

She did love the candy cane they gave her at the end.

We finished up the evening checking out bears...

...and fish.  There was so much to see at this place.

For some reason, when she is playing with Scott, she thinks it's fun to try and beat him up.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dum Dum

We got a little bit of candy when Haley went trick or treating last week.  I didn't let her get a lot because I knew she couldn't eat much of it and we didn't need all of that candy.  Well, her daddy decided that she didn't really need to have any of it, so he devoured all of it THAT SAME NIGHT!  I couldn't believe it when I came home to find that it was all gone except for the Dum Dum sucker that I made sure we get so Haley could try it.  I would have liked some of the candy too.  Oh well!

So, of course, I had to make a photo shoot out of Haley's first sucker experience.  However, she was so good at eating it and knew exactly what to do with it that I think she has probably had one before  :).  It's no big deal, but I just thought it was the first one. 

She really enjoyed it and was sad when it was "ah gun" (all gone).