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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dear Santa,

Last week, on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I got the brilliant idea to take Haley to the get her picture taken at the Bass Pro Shop.  I have heard great things about getting Santa pictures there.  Not only is the picture free, but there is a lot of stuff for the kids to do while waiting to see Santa.  Well, I neglected to think about the fact that a whole lot of people were going to be off the next day and all of the kids were out of school, so the line was quite long to say the least.  That was ok, though, because Haley had a great time going around the store to look at everything and then playing with all of the stuff they had out for the kids.  She wasn't overly thrilled with the whole Santa part of it, but she had a great time with everything else.  We got some good pictures.  I haven't scanned the actual picture that they gave us, but it turned out really well and like I said, it was free!

Hanging out with Dada before we left.  I love that they are sitting alike.


She loved the trains.

She was also pretty excited about the giant checkers.

She was NOT happy when we made her leave the toys in order to go see Santa.  She actually threw herself on the floor and cried.  I know she was completely clueless about why she had to go sit on this man's lap.

Not at all thrilled.

She tolerated his lap for about 30 seconds before she was squirming to get down.  Fortunately, she never screamed or cried while in his lap.

The Santa was so sweet, though, and tried to pick her back up and hold her again to make sure that I got the pictures that I needed.

She did love the candy cane they gave her at the end.

We finished up the evening checking out bears...

...and fish.  There was so much to see at this place.

For some reason, when she is playing with Scott, she thinks it's fun to try and beat him up.


Heather and Suzanne said...

I think she did pretty well! Sweet girl!

The Skippers said...

Hilarious! I can't wait to see how Lucy will do. I think Bass Pro has the best set up, and you can't beat a free picture. Her face when you took her away from the toys is priceless. I love it!