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Friday, July 9, 2010

McWane your brain!

Last week, Scott had Friday off, so we took Haley to the McWane Science Center for the first time. I've been dying to take her, but really wanted Scott to go with us. So, we finally got the chance to go. Haley had a great time playing with everything that she saw and we had a great time watching her explore. Most of it was too advanced for her age, but she had a great time anyway. We will definitely be doing this a lot more. I feel sure that I will get a membership for her 2nd birthday.

A couch that is just her size.

Dada was getting her with the air that blows out of the hose. She loved it.

She had the best time with the giant Lite Bright. She really liked taking all of the sticks out and throwing them on the floor.

Her absolute favorite part was getting to drink from the water fountains. They had them near the elevators and so we had to stop each time we saw one, which was a whole lot of times.

She was fascinated by the fish in the tank.

Crocs and beads!

Haley is obsessed with her crocs. She spends a lot of time each day trying so hard to put them on. I always have to help, and then she wears them all over. Here are some future blackmail pictures of her wearing the crocs with her Auburn mardi gras beads.

Gobble gobble!

Well, it's not Thanksgiving yet, but we did get to see some baby turkeys last week (I'll explain in a bit). We went to Memphis for the week to visit Mimi, Pop, and Uncle Blake. We had a fantastic time as usual. Haley took to her Mimi and Pop like she sees them all of the time. She was even able to say "Mimi" and she tried her best to say Pop a few times, but it came out in an almost whisper. They have two sweet dogs and Haley LOVES dogs, so that was the highlight of her trip. One is a small yorkie poo and the other is a huge golden retriever. She was fascinated by the retriever, but scared of him when he came over to try and give her kisses. She loved Jingle, the yorkie poo, and even started saying "Jee dul" over and over. One of her favorite things to do is touch noses (people, pictures, animals), so she loved that Jingle was small and gentle enough that she could touch his nose any time.

To Haley's right are the two baby turkeys. My brother and a friend decided that they wanted to get a baby turkey each and raise them. I'm not sure why, but they are 17 and that is the kind of thing you do when you are 17. They are very cute and seem pretty easy to care for.

At first, she was ok with them. Then she decided that they were scary and she started to cry.

Mimi took care of it, though and all was better.

She was better once Mimi was holding her.

Here is Haley with her Uncle Blake. They were dressing up in beads and even putting beads on Benjamin (the dog).

Cracking up at her Uncle Blake who is a little scary, but very funny at the same time.

Here she is with Dada once we got home from Memphis. She missed him so much while we were gone.