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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Haley is 4 months old

Haley turned four months old today, and a year ago yesterday, we found out we were pregnant with her. Time sure does fly by and she is getting so big. We go back to the doctor's office on Wednesday to get more shots :( and to see how much she weighs. I'm estimating her to be about 16 pounds and about 25 inches. I'll post once I find out. However, as many of you know, we have not had the internet at our house for almost two weeks now. For this reason, I haven't been able to post. I'm currently at work posting this and can't upload my pictures here, so the latest pictures will have to wait. I'll upload them as soon as we get the internet restored.

Haley's has lately taken to putting everything in her mouth which includes my head (she grabs my hair and pulls me in) and everything else she can grasp (toys, burp cloths, her hands). It won't be long at all until she can get her feet into her mouth, which is so cute to me. She is definitely teething. You can see the bottom two front teeth coming in. She drools like crazy and I think that is one of the big reasons she puts everything in her mouth. She still has not rolled over since the first time, but she is trying very hard to do it again. I know it won't be long until she's rolling everywhere. We are now having to work much harder to get her to laugh. She loves for us to blow on her belly and kiss her neck. Those things always produce a laugh. She willingly smiles for strangers, though, which is too cute. We think we will start feeding her rice cereal in the next few weeks, so that should make for some great pictures to come.

I'll post all the pics and updated weight and length soon.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Haley rolled over!!!!

I always thought that people were crazy to get excited about their baby rolling over because it means that the days of a stationary baby are over. However, I was ecstatic today when Haley did it. Even though it means more work for me, she is developing and I love that!! I put her down for a nap on her belly (which is so wrong, I know). A little while later, she started to stir and I watched her on the monitor. She was on her belly pushing up and started to fuss, so I turned off the monitor and went in there. When I got to her crib, she was on her back looking very surprised. I was shocked and started to tear up, but quickly ran and got the camera and took the pictures that will follow. Today was Scott's birthday and I guess she just wanted to give him a present.

It was just a fluke that I took some pictures of her before her nap to show how big she is now in her crib, and this was when she rolled over just a little later.

These are the ones after she rolled. She's so surprised at herself!

This is a video of her latest tongue trick.

Just a pretty smile.

You can kind of see that she is drooling here. I think she may start teething in the near future.