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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Squash wasn't the answer...

Well on Monday, we tried the pureed squash that I made this past weekend. It started out really well and she took several bites even seeming to like it. Then after a few bites, she started to close her mouth and wouldn't let me put any in. Then she started gagging and spitting it out. That led to her screaming instead of eating. I was so hopeful that this would go better than the oatmeal has been going. Now we are stuck with squash because you have to wait four days after introducing it to make sure there aren't any allergies to it.

So Tuesday, I tried the same thing hoping that she just needed to get used to it. No such luck. She barely took any before she started gagging and trying to throw it all up. Then started screaming.

Today (Wednesday), I broke down and bought some baby food squash from the store. I thought maybe, just maybe, she would like it better. Well, it smelled terrible and I couldn't really blame her when she didn't like it. She did take a few bites though. I'll try one more day before we move on to something else.

Right after her first bite of squash.

Not really liking it and starting to close her lips.

She decided she hates it.

She pretty much refused it after that.

Here she is after we tried the store bought stuff. I think she was wearing more than she took in.

Here are some pics of her with her daddy. She adores her daddy. It's so much fun to watch them together. He makes everything better. Where is he when I'm trying to feed her squash? Well, at the gym, of course.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Haley's 1/2 birthday

Yesterday was Haley's 6 month birthday. I took her monthly pictures and got some cute ones, but she was so tired that it was hard to get her to smile. Here are some of my favorites.

She was not really that excited about having her picture taken this morning.

She, of course, had to try to eat the sticker. EVERYTHING has to be put in her mouth these days.

I had to get a funny face!

This is her new Auburn cheerleader outfit. It's a bit big, but I want her to wear it some before it gets too cold.

I got cancelled from work, so I decided it was time to try my hand at making some baby food for Haley. I did peas, sweet potato, and squash. The peas were super hard and time consuming. I don't know that I'll be doing those again unless someone has some good hints on them. Sweet potatoes were a little easier, and squash was the easiest. I think I'll start feeding her peas first this coming Monday. I made a little of each and will freeze it until I'm ready to use it.

My pea mess.

The whole mess of dishes (not too bad).

Well, this was all I got out of my first attempt. I learned a lot, though, and will continue to work on it once I get some hints from fellow baby food makers. I only hope Haley will like it all because I invested a lot of time into it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

6 month professional pictures

Today, I took Haley to Portrait Innovations for what I thought was going to be some cheap pictures for her 6 month birthday. Well the experience was good. They got some good shots and Haley was great during the whole thing. It was quick which is important when dealing with an impatient baby. However, I got roped into spending more than I expected to and I now have about 5,000 pictures. I literally have 21 pages of pictures and some of the pages have 8 wallets. So, if anyone wants any pictures, please let me know. Here are some of the ones that I liked the most.

Here are two videos that I got today of Haley "scooting" herself around. Please excuse her dress being folded up over her diaper.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Haley is sitting (with some help)

Haley is starting to sit up some with only a little help. In these pics, she's in her bathtub sitting on the sling and just using the sides of her tub to help her. I'm so excited about this. I really think she will be happier to not have to lie down all of the time. She can sit for a very short time unassisted on the floor before she falls to the side or back. It won't be long at all before she's doing it all by herself.

Here is Haley's new trick that she performs when we put her on her changing table to change her diaper or her clothes. She instantly rolls over and won't let us do anything. When we flip her back over, she quickly rolls back to her tummy. i has been making life very difficult lately. I either have to try and hold her down, distract her, or do things backwards. I can't help but laugh at her though.
In this one, note her foot in the air. How prissy!

She thinks it's very funny.

I literally had to hold her on there because she was trying to scoot off of the edge.

She has really started dragging herself anywhere she wants to go. It's nice because it has cut down on her frustration level. If she wants a toy, she can drag herself to it. It's amazing to see how far she can go. I put her down in one spot and walk away and by the time I return, she is across the room (usually playing with something other than a toy, like a table leg). She continues to amaze me!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Haley's First Auburn Game

This past Saturday was Haley's first Auburn game. We were so excited to dress her up in all of her Auburn stuff. Since I had to work that night and was sleeping most of the day, Scott got to do all of the dressing up. I think he did a great job. He even went out to buy her some cute dresses, one of which is a cheerleader outfit that we will use next week.

Scott took her over to a friend's house for a wedding shower and to watch the game. He said she did really well and seemed to enjoy everything. He said she heard a whole lot of "War Eagle" and we plan on teaching her to say this as soon as she's able. She's going to be a great little Auburn cheerleader!

This is the first outfit Scott put on her. So cute.

She makes the craziest faces that just make me laugh. I love catching these on camera.

Here is the second outfit he picked out. In this picture, it's like she's saying: "Daddy, I'm worried about how we will play today."

In this picture, Daddy is reassuring her that Auburn will do well and win. It's a good thing he was right.

Here is her cheerleading pose.

Here she is saying: "War Eagle, HEY!!"

Scott is so excited to have his little baby tiger.

He's teaching her about football and she obviously loves it.

She's excited that we won!

We took these last night when Chick fil a was giving out free sandwiches for those who wore their favorite team shirt. We look so obnoxious, but it's cute anyway.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Boy are we in trouble!?!

The other morning, I looked over to see Haley doing this:

It's the cord to her swing. Fortunately, I unplug it when not in use, so she wasn't close to electrocuting herself. I think we are going to have to baby proof the house very soon. I'm really not looking forward to this. Not to mention, no matter how hard you try, you never think of everything.

Today, we went to a local park for the first time. We took Haley down the slide a few times and put her in a swing. Then she and I got on the little play train. It was a beautiful afternoon, but Haley was a little sleepy and cranky. She smiled some though.